Amnesia Beach Festival

Amnesia Beach Festival

Stages... design... imagination... creations... this is what CWSIS does!

Amnesia Music Festival is an innovative music festival... and CWSIS has been part of the constructions and helping with the design of the marvelous stages for this event every year.

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  • Cat Craker Refineria Isla

    The Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) is considered to be heart of any modern refinery
  • Tanks Refineria Isla & Bullenbaai

    Insulation of storage tanks is a major factor in the functionality of storage facilities
  • LPG Flare

    Designed for five working platforms at the time
  • Aeropuerto Hato Curaçao

    Scaffolding work for Control Tower at HATO Airport
  • Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival

  • Amnesia Beach Festival

  • Misa Bonam: A helping hand to our community

    Our contribution for a better Curacao!