Passive protection against fire is key on steel structures to avoid it's collapse in the undesirable event of fire! Your assets are really protected?
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The use of steel can significantly reduce the flammability of your constructions. However, it does not make the building fireproof. In the event of a fire, steel can weaken and can cause disasters if the temperature gets too high. It loses nearly half of its weight-bearing capability if the temperature reaches 593 degrees C (1100 degrees F) and can cause the structure to collapse. The damage to steel construction can be dramatically reduced by using proven fire-resistant materials.

Intumescent Fireproofing products

In the Oil and Gas industry, the fireproofing protection on steel structures is designed to cope with the extreme conditions that can be generated by hydrocarbon pool fire or a jetfire; intumescent fireproofing is now a days the right choice to protect steel structures against fire and corrosion.

CWSIS is a certified applicator of epoxy intumescent fireproofing systems.

Protection consist of active ingredients which react (intumesce) and swell in a fire, typically expanding 5 to 10 times in volume. It produces a tough, carbonaceous char insulating layer that protects the steel. It also restricts the rate of temperature increase of the steel and prolongs its load bearing capacity. The protection offered during this process maintain the integrity of the structure while fire fighter and other emergency systems control the fire.

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