Refractory work

Refractory work

Our qualified teams are equipped with the best technologies
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CWSIS employs a qualified team and offers services for industrial refractory projects ranging from refractory material supply, refractory installation, maintenance and turnarounds.

Our team takes responsibility for their projects and provides the organization and coordination needed to support installation on special projects. Common tasks include:

  • Planning: Including scope management, scheduling, budgeting and delivery.
  • Executing: Arranging the teams or crews, managing and coordinating work assignments.
  • Monitoring: Schedule management, record keeping and reporting.
  • Closeouts: Contract documentation and financial report.

Our teams are always equipped with the best technologies and technicians. Our services include:

  • Monolithic linings (plastic and castable)
  • Insulating bricks
  • Gunite materials (light and dense)
  • Ceramic fiber blankets, textiles, boards and Moldable.
  • Vanadium cleaning

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