Cuplock or Ringlock "System Type Scaffolding": Safe, reliable and efficient access for every industrial work.
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CWSIS uses "System Type Scaffolding", which is a modular scaffolding system consisting of several components that form a strong and secure structure. Among the diferent types of "system scaffold" Cuplock and Ringlock are the most commonly used in the industry. These systems can be built 75% faster than traditional construction scaffolding, significantly saving assembly and disassembly time and minimizing costs.

CWSIS provides OSHA compliant and engineered system scaffolding services to allow access to work areas in an ergonomic and safe way for maintenance, construction and operation activities. We execute our work only with certified scaffolders, improving efficiency and assuring that schedules are complied. Safety is our number one priority, while we focus on planned progress and budget as well.

In the oil and gas industry, scaffolding work for turnaround (shutdown maintenance), is the most stringent activity; we offer a very unique blend of certified personnel, specific variety and quantity of scaffolding materials and an assertive crew of supervisors and managers that will ensure that scaffolding work will be a booster in the completion of the work schedule.

We also offer estimates and pre-project planning to develop budgets and schedules. CWSIS has emergency response teams available 365 days per year for unexpected emergencies and outages.

Some of our scaffolding service features:

  • Fully engineered system scaffolds
  • Custom designed scaffolding
  • Managing scaffolds
  • Scaffolds for confined spaces / difficult access
  • Hight reach scaffolds such as: stacks and antennas
  • Boilers
  • Process furnaces
  • Temporary structures and windbreakers
  • Stacks / Chimneys

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